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Our chosen suppliers deliver top quality and innovative products that will make your property stand out. With a wide range of style and colour options, the choice is yours!

Rinox’s success is not measured by the volume of units produced, but on the originality and quality of its pavers, retaining walls, bricks and stone. They are sure to ad panache to any architectural and landscaping project. Since its founding in 1997, Rinox has invested ambitiously in a research and development program to create products for landscaping, masonry and interior design that offer both prestige and performance. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Rinox team constantly innovates and introduces new products that harmonize perfectly with natural surroundings due the products’ natural colors and the quality of their design.

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Techo-Bloc, North America's premier manufacturer of landscape and Masonry paving stones designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. A world leader in product innovation, Techo-Bloc offers pavers, edges, carved images, masonry veneer, paving slabs, and walls designed to give homeowners and professionals the ultimate in design flexibility.

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Permacon is Canada's first choice in landscaping and masonry products. Pavers, walls, steps, slabs, curbs, stones and bricks will help you create a world of colours and shapes.

Bring your most inspired ideas to life and reshape your surroundings by exploring the infinite possibilities offered by Permacon.

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